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Tengjin Rubber & Plastic Products Company is a manufacturer of medium and small precision-engineered rubber seal, custom rubber molding, and injection plastic molding, thermoplastic Rubber Molding components, which widely used in diverse industries, including electronics, consumer appliance, medical, telecom, transportation and industrial equipments.

We provides innovation, solutions, and leadership to bring your design into production. We also provide one-step assembly services as well as offer a full range of value-added services including pad printing, hot stamping, ultrasonic welding, hot plate welding, and spin welding as well as assembly, warehousing and transportation support.

Our combined facilities, including CNC & EDM facilities for making molds, and 6 compression machines, ranging from 20 tons to 300 tons, and 7 injection molding machines, ranging from 40 tons to 600 tons and other tools. With high attention, experience and ingenuity, we will provide you with beyond your expected solutions.